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FarCloser Travel makes it easy to find, compare and book the most unique, authentic travel experiences that you likely won't find at your corner travel agency. Get off-the-beaten-track and travel with the operators who know that trying to be everything to everyone doesn't work.

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Explore Trips by Region

No matter where your next adventure takes you, every corner of the globe has something unique to offer.


The romance of a safari. The legends of the pyramids. The beauty of the souks. It’s all here in Africa.


From the Great Wall of China to the history of the Bosphorus, experience the history, spirituality and adventure Asia has to offer.

Australia & New Zealand

Deserts, rainforests, islands and Hobbit holes. There’s something for everyone in Australia & NZ.


Palm trees and Pina Coladas sound good about now.  The beaches of the Caribbean are calling.


The land fairytales and culture meets artistic and culinary diversity. There’s something for everyone in Europe.


Blue seas for as far as the eye can see. Fresh seafood and enough Limoncello for everyone.  It’s all here in the Mediterranean.

North America

It’s the Wild West and The New World. It’s the majestic mountains and the never sleeping cities. It’s North America.

Northern Europe

The land of Vikings and the midnight sun.  Sail the fjords and sample Akvavit in Northern Europe.

South America

Where the Amazon jungle, the Inca Trail and the Patagonian glaciers. You may want to as well after experiencing South America.

Your Trip - Your Way

Explore Trips by Travel Style

Whether you are travelling with your sweetheart or on a self-discovery adventure, or anything in between, there's a trip to match.

18 to 30 Somethings

You’re only young once. Make the most of it with fun-filled and fast-moving adventures designed just for travellers aged 18 to 39.


Why just see the world when you could bike, hike, kayak, and multi-sport it? Why, indeed. Active tours keep travellers who like to move on the move.


Camping is perfect for the traveller who wants to stay abroad as long as possible and isn’t worried about roughing it a little. Get closer to nature.


The trip of a lifetime for the see it all explorer.  Visit multiple countries or destinations in one trip, perfect for those that want to see and do as much as possible.

Easy Pace

Designed with ultimate freedom in mind, these trips give you more control over your trip so you can come, go, stay and play exactly as you please.

High Energy

Crafted especially for the 24-hour traveller who want to spend their days exploring the icons, then dancing the night away with a brand new wolf pack.

In-Depth Explorer

Trips for the culturally curious. Get you into the heart and soul of a destination by tasting, exploring and unearthing every last secret.

Sailing & Cruising

Spend your days snorkeling secret bays, exploring little towns, eating delicious local food, all whilst discovering the world.

Short Trips & Festivals

All about injecting the fun into life…Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter, or get to know a new city in a short space of time.

Winter & Ski

Experience the magic of travelling in autumn, winter and spring. Outdoor types can hit the slopes with a board, or explore a destination off-peak.

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