FarCloser Travel was built for one reason:

To empower travellers to understand their organized travel options with transparency and without any sales pressure

First a few definitions.  When we say organized travel we are talking about ocean cruises, river cruises and multi-day packaged tours.  These are the types of trips where you might have to purchase a flight to get to your starting location but once you arrive “in-destination”, the trip is mostly pre-organized.  Your hotels, transport, some activities and some meals are usually pre-arranged.  This is very different to independent travel where the traveller is responsible for piecing together all of the elements themselves.  There are obviously pros and cons to each type of travel but we’ve noticed a severe lack of resources for those who know they want to book a pre-packaged trip AND those wanting to know more about this incredible way to travel.


Now that we know the what…let’s talk about the why.  Let’s face it – organized travel doesn’t have the best reputation.  There are those who believe that cruises are just for ‘old’ people.  Some people think that river cruises are a slow, boring way to see Europe.  Others think overland tours are merely busloads of tourists following someone with a loud speaker waving a little flag.  While some of these stereotypes may have been true in the past, they couldn’t be further from accurate these days.

Tour and cruise operators now provide experiences as varied as the destinations they travel to.  From private bike tours through the rice paddies of Vietnam to party cruises to the Bahamas with world famous entertainers.  From European river cruises designed for millennials to Star Wars themed Caribbean cruises. Whatever your interests, age, ability and travel goals are, there is an organized experience out there for you and we want to help you find it.


Everyone at FarCloser Travel has been lucky enough to do some amount of travelling in their life and knows the value it can bring.  Whether it’s learning about new cultures and traditions, seeing sites you’ve only read about in textbooks or have seen in movies, or witnessing the wonder of mother nature, travel leaves you with memories that can’t be duplicated by staying at home.  However, travel can also be overwhelming, stressful, expensive and sometime scary.  These are just some of the reasons we see huge value in organized travel.

While there will always be some element of uncertainty, many of the logistical arrangements have been taken care of so you have more time to look forward to and enjoy the trip once you’re on it.  When you can stop worrying about the details and make the most of the experience, that is when the magic happens.


FarCloser Travel Brand Values



FarCloser Travel is led by Co-Founders Natasha and Will Spokes.  Natasha is a Geomatics Engineer from Calgary, Alberta.  Her passion for maps and travel, combined with her background in geomatics (the discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivering geographic information or spatially referenced information – Wikipedia) has been the perfect combination for building FarCloser Travel.  While building FarCloser, Natasha also worked as a travel agent. During this time she saw first hand how complicated this segment of the travel industry is. Travellers and travel agents are trying to make sense of incredible amounts of information with very few tools.

Will is the other Co-Founder and a Maritime Captain by trade.  He has had varied experience that lends well to building this company.  With years working in tourism in Australia he witnessed first hand the pros and cons of various business models and he brings an in-depth knowledge of the industry to the team.


To bring all of this full circle, we are currently building an application that will let our users search for organized travel options from some of the most well known brands in travel right along side the little guys.  Our aim is to provide you with the best options that suit your travel style.  We recently completed a successful Beta Testing program and are currently implementing some improvements that were suggested by people like you.  We are planning to open the doors on the application before the end of July and can’t wait to hear what you think.  As always, we welcome any questions or feedback so feel free to drop us a line through the Contact page or on any one of our social channels.

We look forward to helping you find the trip of a lifetime!