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What is Founder's Thoughts?

Hi.  I’m Natasha, one of the co-founders of FarCloser Travel – a web platform designed to take away the frustration of searching and comparing cruises and multi-day tours while providing transparency about the travel experiences on offer.  I decided to create this part of the site to share the journey of building FarCloser Travel and some of the reasons behind our motivation to do so.  Most posts will be brief and about topics that are currently inspiring me but I’ll also share the struggles and frustrations that we’ve been through or are going through as a start-up and hopefully, as we continue to grow, as a trusted resource for anyone in the travel space.

We have big goals and there’s no shortage of other sites screaming for your attention but we also feel there is a big opportunity to be more genuine and meaningful than some of those other sites.  While we may not be the biggest or the loudest, we aim to be honest, dependable and reliable for anyone looking for information on the organized travel segment of the industry – that being ocean and river cruises and multi-day overland tours.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and share your feedback with me.  I always love to hear from others with a passion for travel and learning about the world so feel free to email me at

I look forward to sharing this ride with you.


Natasha Spokes

Natasha Spokes

CEO & Founder
Natasha is the CEO and Co-Founder of FarCloser Travel Inc. She was fortunate enough to travel to Australia after graduating from University with an engineering degree and it changed her life forever. Now, she wants to empower others, no matter their interests, situation in life or budget, to find the travel experience that will change their lives for the better as well.