FAQ – Travel Agents

How does it work for Travel Agents?

FarCloser Travel is a resource for travel agents as much as it is for travellers. Because we don’t process any bookings, you can feel secure in using our site to get an overview of the travel options available without yet another source of competition for your hard earned commissions.  As a travel agent, you can use the site to filter trips based on your clients needs and see the options available before presenting them with options either with a shareable link or through your traditional means.

How can this site help me?

We know from first hand experience how overwhelming it can be to remember all of the unique travel products that are available on the market and which ones might be best suited to various traveller’s interests. At FarCloser Travel, we want to make it easier for you to understand the options that are available, without trying to take the booking ourselves.  We want to help you conduct the research portion of your business more quickly and thoroughly so you can focus on serving your client’s other travel needs and growing your business while keeping 100% of your commission.

Do you take part of my commission?

No. We generate revenue for marketing operators’ products, not selling them.  We leave that up to you.

How much does it cost me?

Right now, nothing. We are providing a free resource to our users to explore and discover the travel options available.  We operate as a marketing platform for the operators enabling them to reach more qualified leads and spread the word about their unique trips and experiences.

How do you make money?

We act as a marketing platform for cruise and tour operators. As such, we generate ‘advertising’ revenue from the operators.  We don’t take any bookings and therefore do not operate on commission or any portion of the sale of a trip.

How can I get my preferred operators on the site?

Let us know which operators you’d like to see on the site and we will do our best to get them onboard.  Sending us a note with “Operator Request” as the subject on our contact page.

Is there a professional version?

Not yet but we plan to build one in the future. It would offer professional tools to help you grow your business and serve your clients in innovate ways. Some of the features we have in mind are:

  • Client preference management so that you can be alerted when a trip matching one of your client’s preferences becomes available or goes on sale and you can let them know
  • Settings to adjust the operators shown in your search results so you can customize your dashboard to see only the preferred suppliers you work with
  • Quick connect links to operators’ business development representatives and sales teams to help make asking questions and finalizing bookings easier