FAQ – Travellers

Why would I use your site?

We know how difficult and frustrating it can be to compare the myriad of trips that are out there, each with their own fine print and marketing language. Our goal is to have a resource that you can use to speed up the research portion of your trip planning and get you looking forward to your trip faster.  You can use our site to see the big picture (along with the details) without any sales pressure and then book when you’re ready using the booking channel you are most comfortable with.

How much does it cost?

To use the site is free, but the trip still costs money. Our business model allows us to be a free resource for travellers and we hope to keep it that way forever.  We know that these types of trips can represent one of the biggest investments in your life so we want to make it easier for you to find the perfect trip with more confidence.  Feel free to browse, connect and share as much as you want until you find your next trip of a lifetime.  All we ask is that you let whoever you do book with know that you found the trip on FarCloser Travel!

How do I book?

However you are most comfortable.  Booking cruises and tours are often more complex than booking a simple hotel room or a flight. Because of this, we can put you in touch with the operator directly or with a travel agent who can help you navigate all the details.  If you already have a travel agent that you work with, we give you the ability to send the trip information to them so that they can complete the booking for you.  We don’t get involved in the booking as a way for us to remain impartial and provide you with unbiased information.

How do you decide which operators are on the site?

The operators that are on our site get there in a number of ways. First and foremost, we use feedback from our community to understand which operators they are interested in seeing on our site then we work to get them onboard.  We also try to partner with operators that we’ve come across, whether big or small, that offer a unique product that we feel might be of interest to our community.  We are always on the lookout for interesting travel companies whose values are in line with ours to try to ensure that you have a true representation of the incredible options available.

How do I use your site?

We want our site to be easy and intuitive so that hopefully you don’t have to ask this question but since you have, it’s pretty simple.

  • Choose any of the filters available to help us find a selection of trips that suit what you’re looking for.  The more filters you choose, the more targeted your search will be but we also realize you have to start somewhere so feel free to play around with one or two to start.
  • Once you’ve hit ‘Search’ you will get a number of tours returned both on the map and in the column ‘cards’. Each route on the map will have an associated detail card that shows you some specifics about that trip including pricing, inclusions and style.  When you  see one you like, hit the ‘Details’ button at the top of the card to get more information about that trip – things like departure dates, detailed itineraries, and pricing options.
  • Continue browsing through the tours until you’ve narrowed it down to your top choices. Once you’ve fallen in love with a trip, how you decide to book your trip is up to you.  We know some people prefer to book directly with the operator and some people prefer to use a travel agent.  Either way, we can connect you with someone who can help.
What regions are your trips in?

Our trips are from all corners of the globe. We had started off by focusing on trips in Europe but quickly realized that there are so many unique tours on offer in regions all over the world and if we are truly going to be a global platform, we need to show you all of them.

If there are any regions that you are particularly interested in that we may not have any tours in, please let us know and we will work hard on finding some for you.

Can I share trips with my friends?

Of course and we encourage you to! From the details page of each trip, you will have the ability share a link through Facebook, Email or Twitter to anyone (or everyone) about the awesome trip you’ve found.

Do you have trip reviews?

While we know reviews are an important part of making travel decisions for a lot of people, we don’t want to re-invent the wheel when there are so many other established review sites out there. Instead, we will link you to the review sites that already have lots of reviews for that particular trip.

Is there a FarCloser Travel community I can join?

We have discussed ideas around an on-site traveller forum where like minded travellers can discuss trips and ask questions so if you would be interested in joining something like that, please let us know. For now, we’d love for you to join us on Instagram and Facebook.

What populates my search results?

Your search results are based on the travel options that best match the filters you have selected and any sorting criteria that you have specified. We don’t order results based on any preferred relationships or company size as we want you to discover the best fit for you, not us.

Is there an app?

Not yet. Because cruises and tours are somewhat complicated, we’ve decided to focus our initial development on the desktop version to try and provide the best user experience possible. Once we know which tools and features are most useful, we will work towards building a mobile version that you can use to browse available travel options while on the go.

Can I work with FarCloser Travel?

Maybe! We are always on the lookout for travel-loving talent who can contribute to our mission and love to work in a fast paced, exciting industry.  If you think you have something special to offer, please reach out and introduce yourself using: talent @ farclosertravel.com