Microsoft BizSpark Program

Program Acceptance

FarCloser Travel Inc. has been accepted into the Microsoft BizSpark Program! The program will allow us to leverage Microsoft’s development platform through free access to Microsoft Azure cloud services, software, and support.  Being part of this program will allow us to get to market quicker than would be otherwise possible and allow us to implement technologies that we might have had to hold off on in these early stages.

Thank you for your support Microsoft!



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Natasha Spokes

Natasha Spokes

CEO & Founder
Natasha is the CEO and Co-Founder of FarCloser Travel Inc. She was fortunate enough to travel to Australia after graduating from University with an engineering degree and it changed her life forever. Now, she wants to empower others, no matter their interests, situation in life or budget, to find the travel experience that will change their lives for the better as well.