Trip Feature: Trafalgar Best of Egypt Winter

Camel in the desert - Trafalgar Best of Egypt

Pyramids, the Sphinx, a cruise on the Nile, deserts, and lush vegetation are all at your fingertips on the Trafalgar Best of Egypt tour. If you’ve got the travel bug and are ready for an adventurous trip featuring unmatched natural beauty and some of the greatest landmarks in history, this is the tour for you.

We’ve gathered some of the highlights of this tour so that you can start to dream about it now! Then, make sure you book it so that in the cold of winter, you’ll have a warm, exciting escape awaiting you.

Luxor: After arrival and one night in Cairo, you’ll fly down to the city of Luxor. The return to Cairo is by cruise. Before boarding your cruise, you’ll have time to visit the Avenue of the Sphinx and other historical sites.

The Nile: On your Nile cruise, you’ll have the chance to visit many temples and historic landmarks, while enjoying the natural beauty of one of the most famous rivers in the world. A highlight of this cruise is an Egyptian Dinner and Galabea Party. You’ll have the chance to dress in traditional clothing. You’ll also get the opportunity to ride in a traditional wooden sailboat, called a felucca, at sunset in Aswan.

Cairo: From the capital of Egypt, the most impressive and well-known sights are easily accessible. Using this lovely city as your home-base for a few nights, you’ll enjoy visits to the pyramids, Valley of the Kings, and the Great Sphinx. The Egyptian Museum featuring Tutankhamun’s treasures and other sightseeing in Cairo is also included.

Are you ready to plan your next adventure?

Natasha Spokes

Natasha Spokes

CEO & Founder
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